Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Olympic figure skating competition is one of the most elegant demonstrations of body control, focus and agility. Figure skating has been around for centuries, from when the first innovator looked out at an ice covered pond, grabbed his goulashes and started to mimic what we now know as figure skating. The motions and shoes have changed but now we offer mixed competition as well as single gender. The women have come on strong over the last decade. When speaking of women’s figure skating you must look at the top three in the world. Shizuka Arakawa ranked number 3 from Japan is one of the ladies to watch in this year’s Olympic figure skating competition. Arakawa thought of retiring before the 2004 World Championships but after a stellar performance (8th place finish) Arakawa decided she would continue through the 2006 Olympic Games. Irina Slutskaya a Russian born star on the ice. Slutskaya returned from a career-threatening illness to win her second world title and establish her as the Olympic gold-medal favorite in ladies' figure skating. She will be something to watch on the ice this season. Coming in at number 1 from the United States is know stranger to figure skating Sasha CohenShe is a picture of perfection full of grace and elegance. Exceptionally talented Cohen has been among the world's elite figure skaters for more than six year. Although she has never won a major championship, or Olympic Gold medal she is hopeful this all change in all the magic in Tourino.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Americans are obsessed with their health for many different reasons, one reason is because of the great American belief that everyone is suppose to be healthy. When we look around at one another we are constantly comparing ourselves to the next individual whether or not that person is taller, how did they loose so much weight so quickly. Americans are known for being the best and looking the best, yes this is our arrogance but it’s true.
Sense we were at a young age we have been told that if we eat right, exercise and pray we are almost guaranteed perfect health but is this really true. Everything is based on visibility and what someone else’s opinion of you is. We say we don’t care but is this really the truth, because if we didn’t their would be no such thing as a fashion trend or low fat foods. In reading an article in Food and Nutrition Magazine they interviewed a lady and she stated that because of her status in the neighborhood she would not be seen in the local supermarket with anything less than nitrous low fat foods in her cart. She also stated she would drive thirty minutes away to shop and come in at night because of nosey neighbors or so she felt she was always being observed. This is an example of peer- pressure to a degree, but more or less a state of mind to control ones image.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

As americans are we really free, How come everyone hates America, What have we done?
I dont really feel its holding your hands over your eyes people just dont understand. In the 60s I feel you guys had more freedoms than we have today within reason. For example Marijuana was okay to smoke illegal but okay. The non-violant protest that took place. You did still deal with segragation so I take back my earlier comment to say the issues have shifted. Here in the United States.
Over sea's is a hole new ball game everything that seems to happen abroad affects the United States in some form of fashion mainly because its not made in America, its made abroad we are affected with higher prices, higher unemployment rate and lower paying jobs. All Due to inflation, which is driven by the deficit. Everything works hand in hand. We want national security we give up our own privacy. or so the government wants us to think.So the true question is are we really free, or does the NSA/FISA have an invisible grip on everything we do?

"Freedom of speech " this is the most common right of being free in America. Many countries want to adopt the ways of the westerners meaning democracy. Our founding fore fathers wrote in the Constitution the right to speak freely against political, religion and whatever a person or persons feel they have an opinion about. Wars are being fought all over the world because citizens of that nation want to have the right to speak out in the news paper or in television news casts but in most cases anything against the church or government could land you in jail for many years. The issue that we face now is over the comic strip about the prophet Muhammad being placed in an unnatural light. Muslims around the world a rioting because this is unfavorable in their culture. I say simply "Lighten up!!!" Its not worth dying for.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

We're going to call this one Legalizing the cannabis plant, for those who are not familiar with this plant. I'm speaking of Marijuana, Chronic, Mary Jane etc.... This is the drug of choice by many people past and present. This drug has been smoked but not inhaled by many of our country's founding fathers and most popularly by Former President William Jefferson Clinton. I not really sure what the debate is about, this is an all natural product grown from mother earth and can be replanted at no cost of course unless your caught. In that case depending on the amount if you get probation or jail time. There are many pros and cons to this debate it is not used for medical reason but some feel it is the gateway for much harder drugs like cocaine, heroin and PCP just to name a few. This has been stuck in the house for many years President Bush Sr. Said he wanted to end the use of marijuana for medical research because AIDS victims were requesting this by the boat loads from their doctors. Country's outside the United States have continued to keep marijuana on the legal market because it cuts down on crime and makes the government of these countries a lot of money. The United States continues to raise the taxes on cigarettes when they should reconsider legalizing marijuana which intern would put drug dealers out of business(small time) give some relief to the over crowding jail system and give police more time to focus on the real criminals. Last I check I have never heard of anyone dying from marijuana use, only cocaine, alcohol and other hard drugs. They would get my vote....

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

This movie takes place in the immediate aftermath of Munich, after 11 Israeli hostages were murdered by members of a Palestinian terrorist group known as Black September. Based on George Jonas's disputed book "Vengeance: The True Story of an Israeli Counter-Terrorist Team," and adapted to the screen by the oddball couple of Eric Roth and Tony Kushner ("Forrest Gump" meets "Angels in America"), the film pivots on five Israeli agents, who, recruited to exact revenge by a country that will officially deny their existence, zigzag Europe as they hunt suspects over months and then years.
Five of the eight kidnappers were killed by the police during rescue attempts. Later, a series of Israeli revenge assassinations caused the deaths of some of the principal planners. It is believed that two of the three surviving kidnappers were also killed as part of this revenge operation, although some evidence has recently come to light to the contrary. It is certain that one of the kidnappers, is alive as of January 2006.

Why is breakfast the most important meal of the day? Is the question that many people around the world have been asking for centuries. Experts have come to the conclusion that the brain functions, and body fuel are the reason. So to test this theory over the past weekend I decided not to eat breakfast and just have a cup of Joe(that's coffee for the none hip). Generally I wake up about 5:30am, took care of personal hygiene and commenced with my regular activities. Around 12pm which is lunch time I must admit was feeling a bit sluggish, my head was hurting for some strange reason I wanted to lye down. The next morning which was Sunday I followed the same routine, my family and I attended church and if you've you've never been to a high powered or energetic service this Sunday was the one. After church I was exhausted I felt weak, aggravated, my focus was off. Monday began the next phase of my experiment, I started off with an egg and bacon omelet with a side of mouth watering grits. I was focused, and full of energy a few hours afterwards. After the two days of not eating and one day of breakfast gourmet it doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand why this meal is so important for some of us. Its just like that morning cup of coffee to start the day, "Something in the tummy makes the whole world funny".

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Iran is now jumping into the nuclear race, wanting to build their own nulear bomb. They have kept this project secret from the rest of the world for many years, the United States has threaten sanctions in the region but does that really work? Iran has countered back they say they will cut oil exports to the United States, Which in turn will raise the price of gas here a home. Irans new president has made threats agains its enemy stating "We will wipe Isreal of the face of the earth". Countries are coming together to bring Iran to the table to discuss bring this to an end. Most experts say they could have a bomb built by 2008 or sooner. They have rejected talks from Europes top 3, and has not gotten back to Russia. This in many ways is a country isolating themselves in an already volital region. Military action has not been ruled out. The enrichment of uranium and a Saddam like dictator on the rise is turning heads everywhere, if his intentions were to put more focus on Iran he has succeeded. All eyes on Iran.

Samuel Alito is a new face that will soon adorn the US Supreme Court; President Bush has nominated Samuel Alito. With little to no adversity from the democrats, Mr. Alito is on the brink of being sworn in. Many people are trying to focus on his past actions or views. He answered questions confidently and gave indebt answers.What’s the big question that everyone is asking “Is Samuel Alito good for America?”. There is know clear cut answer at this time but his actions could change the face of this country for decades. Many liberals feel that his right wing ideology would endanger our basic rights as Americans. Some public views feel that he will side with big businesses and polluters against workers and environment.I’m kind of partial to Mr. Alito by keeping a balanced opinion and not keeping my main focus on the past but always keeping an eye open for anything. I wish him luck and hopefully this nomination will not cause a national plague.
Its interesting how thing happen in life, you never know who you will end up with or what life has in store for you. I have been through many trials and tribulations in my life. Coming out of high school I thought I would join the military in order to make sure my education would be paid for because I was really not focused on anything at the time but women. After going through basic training everything was so different when I returned home, people looked at me differently and a lot had changed. My main focus now was to find a good job. We had heard all about the how you are able to use your military training and crossover to the civilian world and everything works the same. Not true at all it was a stuggle from the begining mainly because I did not know what I wanted to do. All I knew was I did not want a sweat shop job, I wanted to be different than anyone else in my family and venture out into corporate America. I did succeed I landed a very good job with one of the nations largest banks an today I am still writing my story...

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Communication is very important in today's work force, bridging the gap between Information Technology and the financial world is very complex but can be accomplished. Being able to understand the how and why to haveing someone as a go between or a middle man is imperative because the individual will be able to recognize coding errors, and find new way to improve business and information technology systems. Most importantly build a workforce that will work as a team to complete one common goal. One would never think that their would be such a tremendous need for an individual or team of project managers that have the skills to budget, delegate tasks and still maintain a level of respect amongst peers.
Today's Grad school graduates will have this skill which is why I have chosen this field of study over many others. I have a wealth of information technolgy knowledge and experience. My management skills are growing rapidly by simply interacting with others. I plan on finishing my Bachelors of Science in Computer Information Systems in less than two years, going directly into Devry's Masters program and possibly aquiring my PhD. The sky is the limit. I do understand the recognition and prestige that come with all that I will accomplish but the work will be well worth the struggle. The knowledge that I will attain over the next year or so will undoubtly prepare me for my future endeavors.