Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Iran is now jumping into the nuclear race, wanting to build their own nulear bomb. They have kept this project secret from the rest of the world for many years, the United States has threaten sanctions in the region but does that really work? Iran has countered back they say they will cut oil exports to the United States, Which in turn will raise the price of gas here a home. Irans new president has made threats agains its enemy stating "We will wipe Isreal of the face of the earth". Countries are coming together to bring Iran to the table to discuss bring this to an end. Most experts say they could have a bomb built by 2008 or sooner. They have rejected talks from Europes top 3, and has not gotten back to Russia. This in many ways is a country isolating themselves in an already volital region. Military action has not been ruled out. The enrichment of uranium and a Saddam like dictator on the rise is turning heads everywhere, if his intentions were to put more focus on Iran he has succeeded. All eyes on Iran.

Samuel Alito is a new face that will soon adorn the US Supreme Court; President Bush has nominated Samuel Alito. With little to no adversity from the democrats, Mr. Alito is on the brink of being sworn in. Many people are trying to focus on his past actions or views. He answered questions confidently and gave indebt answers.What’s the big question that everyone is asking “Is Samuel Alito good for America?”. There is know clear cut answer at this time but his actions could change the face of this country for decades. Many liberals feel that his right wing ideology would endanger our basic rights as Americans. Some public views feel that he will side with big businesses and polluters against workers and environment.I’m kind of partial to Mr. Alito by keeping a balanced opinion and not keeping my main focus on the past but always keeping an eye open for anything. I wish him luck and hopefully this nomination will not cause a national plague.
Its interesting how thing happen in life, you never know who you will end up with or what life has in store for you. I have been through many trials and tribulations in my life. Coming out of high school I thought I would join the military in order to make sure my education would be paid for because I was really not focused on anything at the time but women. After going through basic training everything was so different when I returned home, people looked at me differently and a lot had changed. My main focus now was to find a good job. We had heard all about the how you are able to use your military training and crossover to the civilian world and everything works the same. Not true at all it was a stuggle from the begining mainly because I did not know what I wanted to do. All I knew was I did not want a sweat shop job, I wanted to be different than anyone else in my family and venture out into corporate America. I did succeed I landed a very good job with one of the nations largest banks an today I am still writing my story...

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Communication is very important in today's work force, bridging the gap between Information Technology and the financial world is very complex but can be accomplished. Being able to understand the how and why to haveing someone as a go between or a middle man is imperative because the individual will be able to recognize coding errors, and find new way to improve business and information technology systems. Most importantly build a workforce that will work as a team to complete one common goal. One would never think that their would be such a tremendous need for an individual or team of project managers that have the skills to budget, delegate tasks and still maintain a level of respect amongst peers.
Today's Grad school graduates will have this skill which is why I have chosen this field of study over many others. I have a wealth of information technolgy knowledge and experience. My management skills are growing rapidly by simply interacting with others. I plan on finishing my Bachelors of Science in Computer Information Systems in less than two years, going directly into Devry's Masters program and possibly aquiring my PhD. The sky is the limit. I do understand the recognition and prestige that come with all that I will accomplish but the work will be well worth the struggle. The knowledge that I will attain over the next year or so will undoubtly prepare me for my future endeavors.