Saturday, January 14, 2006

Communication is very important in today's work force, bridging the gap between Information Technology and the financial world is very complex but can be accomplished. Being able to understand the how and why to haveing someone as a go between or a middle man is imperative because the individual will be able to recognize coding errors, and find new way to improve business and information technology systems. Most importantly build a workforce that will work as a team to complete one common goal. One would never think that their would be such a tremendous need for an individual or team of project managers that have the skills to budget, delegate tasks and still maintain a level of respect amongst peers.
Today's Grad school graduates will have this skill which is why I have chosen this field of study over many others. I have a wealth of information technolgy knowledge and experience. My management skills are growing rapidly by simply interacting with others. I plan on finishing my Bachelors of Science in Computer Information Systems in less than two years, going directly into Devry's Masters program and possibly aquiring my PhD. The sky is the limit. I do understand the recognition and prestige that come with all that I will accomplish but the work will be well worth the struggle. The knowledge that I will attain over the next year or so will undoubtly prepare me for my future endeavors.


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