Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Iran is now jumping into the nuclear race, wanting to build their own nulear bomb. They have kept this project secret from the rest of the world for many years, the United States has threaten sanctions in the region but does that really work? Iran has countered back they say they will cut oil exports to the United States, Which in turn will raise the price of gas here a home. Irans new president has made threats agains its enemy stating "We will wipe Isreal of the face of the earth". Countries are coming together to bring Iran to the table to discuss bring this to an end. Most experts say they could have a bomb built by 2008 or sooner. They have rejected talks from Europes top 3, and has not gotten back to Russia. This in many ways is a country isolating themselves in an already volital region. Military action has not been ruled out. The enrichment of uranium and a Saddam like dictator on the rise is turning heads everywhere, if his intentions were to put more focus on Iran he has succeeded. All eyes on Iran.


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