Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Samuel Alito is a new face that will soon adorn the US Supreme Court; President Bush has nominated Samuel Alito. With little to no adversity from the democrats, Mr. Alito is on the brink of being sworn in. Many people are trying to focus on his past actions or views. He answered questions confidently and gave indebt answers.What’s the big question that everyone is asking “Is Samuel Alito good for America?”. There is know clear cut answer at this time but his actions could change the face of this country for decades. Many liberals feel that his right wing ideology would endanger our basic rights as Americans. Some public views feel that he will side with big businesses and polluters against workers and environment.I’m kind of partial to Mr. Alito by keeping a balanced opinion and not keeping my main focus on the past but always keeping an eye open for anything. I wish him luck and hopefully this nomination will not cause a national plague.


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