Monday, February 13, 2006

Americans are obsessed with their health for many different reasons, one reason is because of the great American belief that everyone is suppose to be healthy. When we look around at one another we are constantly comparing ourselves to the next individual whether or not that person is taller, how did they loose so much weight so quickly. Americans are known for being the best and looking the best, yes this is our arrogance but it’s true.
Sense we were at a young age we have been told that if we eat right, exercise and pray we are almost guaranteed perfect health but is this really true. Everything is based on visibility and what someone else’s opinion of you is. We say we don’t care but is this really the truth, because if we didn’t their would be no such thing as a fashion trend or low fat foods. In reading an article in Food and Nutrition Magazine they interviewed a lady and she stated that because of her status in the neighborhood she would not be seen in the local supermarket with anything less than nitrous low fat foods in her cart. She also stated she would drive thirty minutes away to shop and come in at night because of nosey neighbors or so she felt she was always being observed. This is an example of peer- pressure to a degree, but more or less a state of mind to control ones image.


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