Wednesday, February 08, 2006

As americans are we really free, How come everyone hates America, What have we done?
I dont really feel its holding your hands over your eyes people just dont understand. In the 60s I feel you guys had more freedoms than we have today within reason. For example Marijuana was okay to smoke illegal but okay. The non-violant protest that took place. You did still deal with segragation so I take back my earlier comment to say the issues have shifted. Here in the United States.
Over sea's is a hole new ball game everything that seems to happen abroad affects the United States in some form of fashion mainly because its not made in America, its made abroad we are affected with higher prices, higher unemployment rate and lower paying jobs. All Due to inflation, which is driven by the deficit. Everything works hand in hand. We want national security we give up our own privacy. or so the government wants us to think.So the true question is are we really free, or does the NSA/FISA have an invisible grip on everything we do?


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