Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Olympic figure skating competition is one of the most elegant demonstrations of body control, focus and agility. Figure skating has been around for centuries, from when the first innovator looked out at an ice covered pond, grabbed his goulashes and started to mimic what we now know as figure skating. The motions and shoes have changed but now we offer mixed competition as well as single gender. The women have come on strong over the last decade. When speaking of women’s figure skating you must look at the top three in the world. Shizuka Arakawa ranked number 3 from Japan is one of the ladies to watch in this year’s Olympic figure skating competition. Arakawa thought of retiring before the 2004 World Championships but after a stellar performance (8th place finish) Arakawa decided she would continue through the 2006 Olympic Games. Irina Slutskaya a Russian born star on the ice. Slutskaya returned from a career-threatening illness to win her second world title and establish her as the Olympic gold-medal favorite in ladies' figure skating. She will be something to watch on the ice this season. Coming in at number 1 from the United States is know stranger to figure skating Sasha CohenShe is a picture of perfection full of grace and elegance. Exceptionally talented Cohen has been among the world's elite figure skaters for more than six year. Although she has never won a major championship, or Olympic Gold medal she is hopeful this all change in all the magic in Tourino.


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