Thursday, February 02, 2006

We're going to call this one Legalizing the cannabis plant, for those who are not familiar with this plant. I'm speaking of Marijuana, Chronic, Mary Jane etc.... This is the drug of choice by many people past and present. This drug has been smoked but not inhaled by many of our country's founding fathers and most popularly by Former President William Jefferson Clinton. I not really sure what the debate is about, this is an all natural product grown from mother earth and can be replanted at no cost of course unless your caught. In that case depending on the amount if you get probation or jail time. There are many pros and cons to this debate it is not used for medical reason but some feel it is the gateway for much harder drugs like cocaine, heroin and PCP just to name a few. This has been stuck in the house for many years President Bush Sr. Said he wanted to end the use of marijuana for medical research because AIDS victims were requesting this by the boat loads from their doctors. Country's outside the United States have continued to keep marijuana on the legal market because it cuts down on crime and makes the government of these countries a lot of money. The United States continues to raise the taxes on cigarettes when they should reconsider legalizing marijuana which intern would put drug dealers out of business(small time) give some relief to the over crowding jail system and give police more time to focus on the real criminals. Last I check I have never heard of anyone dying from marijuana use, only cocaine, alcohol and other hard drugs. They would get my vote....


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